Grocery Stores Are Not Like Blogging Conferences

Alternately titled: How Blogging Made Me Lose My Shyster Radar, A Cautionary Tale A few days after returning home from BlogHer ’11, I was doing my normal grocery shopping at my neighborhood grocer. As I stood selecting bananas in the produce department, an announcement sounded from the PA system. “Right now, for a limited time, […]

What is Your Vision for 2011?

We may already be a few weeks into 2011 but it’s still a good time to consider your vision for the year ahead. That’s why at Blissdom, we will have the 2011 Community Vision board at our booth. If you are attending Blissdom, you will have the opportunity to come by our booth (pick-up a […]

One2One Network Members LOVE ‘Working Class’

Our very first project of 2011 was giving our members the opportunity to preview an episode of CMT’s first scripted sitcom, Working Class starring Melissa Peterman and Ed Asner. Melissa Peterman plays Carli, a single mom of three kids who has moved to the suburbs to try and give her kids a better life. She […]

Do you 365?

A “365 project” is code for taking at least one picture everyday for an entire year. January is often a popular time to start a 365 project along with weight loss resolutions, trips to the store for organizational paraphernalia and plans (once again) to save money every month so that Christmas spending doesn’t sneak up on you. […]

Featured Member: Janine Nickel

Janine is author of the website, Twofer Mom, mother of twin girls and co-conspirator of the Buzz Cooperative with O2O project manager, Linda Sellers. We’re so pleased that Janine was able to take a few moments to answer our questions about blogging, brands and business! 1. What do you like most about interacting with brands? […]