Hey Friend, Do Some Yoga

By Libby Blumberg It is so easy for a woman to neglect herself. After all, she often is in charge of keeping others alive and well and juggling several tasks at once. But as the saying goes, ‘If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy!’ One of the many ways to cultivate some happiness is to do yoga. […]

Your New Fitness Buddies

It’s April! That means the first quarter of 2015 is over we’re three months past our New Year’s resolutions. If any of your resolutions included fitness and healthy living goals, O2O member Laura Gonzalez is sharing some apps today that can either help you get back on track or give you a boost to keep going. […]

Join Us for a #BeyondLI Twitter Party with the National Dairy Council

We are udderly excited to tell you about our upcoming Twitter party! We hope it’s moo-sic to your ears! So we’ll stop buttering around the bush and get right to it. Date: Tuesday, February 25th Party Time (excellent): 2:00-3:00pm ET Where: #BeyondLI on Twitter. Join the fun here: Prizes (updated!): 11 prizes awarded throughout […]

Unjunk 2013 with UNREAL Candy

Right now through January 18th, UNREAL™ Candy is running a unreal ‘sweet’stakes where someone will win $10,000 to shop at Target! What is UNREAL™ Candy? It’s amazingly delicious candy that has been unjunked – no artificials, hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, preservatives or GMOs. Thousands of recipes were tested and five candies (so far), that are just as good […]

#DegreeStrong Twitter Party

Being Unapologetically Strong is not measured by the number of times you win, or the number of people you beat. It is about having the will and desire to go the extra mile and disrupt your personal status quo. Whether it’s beating your own personal record, striving to run faster, workout longer, or go above and beyond […]