Fun, Fizz & Flair Awards Show Twitter Party with Diet Pepsi!

Join Us This Sunday, September 23rd – Awards Show Twitter Party with Diet Pepsi #FizzorFlat Red Carpet Twitter Party: From 7-8 PM ET (4-5 PM PT), we’ll be watching the Red Carpet live on ABC and weighing in on what styles are #FizzorFlat. Join fashion & beauty mavens Whitney Wingerd (@WhitneyMWS), Amber Katz (@glambr), and Nichelle Pace (@STYLEMOM) for a […]

Pinterest Inspired Ideas for National Thank You Month

It’s probably no surprise that the month following gift giving holidays is National Thank You Month! I remember my mother making me sit down and write out thank you notes every year after Christmas and before I went back to school. It’s becoming a bit of a lost art and one that I’ve regrettably not […]

Our Members Know How To Spook!

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Not that I don’t have extreme fondness for other holidays, I’ve just always been rather partial to Halloween. Maybe it’s because that was the one time of year, as a kid, that I could indulge in candy (my mom was a stickler about sweets in the house). Maybe […]

The Most Droolworthy IPad Cases

iPad envy I will admit when I saw some ladies at Type A Mom Conference with iPads I got a little jealous.  I’ve been a MAC convert for all of 6 months and now don’t know what I did before I switched. Wait now I remember.  I watched my PC crash a lot! What makes […]

Bringing An Eco-Friendly Flair To Your Home

Seems like everyone is looking for ways to be more “green” these day! It’s a wonderful trend that hopefully is here to stay. A great place to start your eco-friendly transitions is in your home. And by using your own flair and creativity, you can find many ways to reduce, reuse and recycle around the […]