Marketing Tips for Influencers: Stand Out From the Crowd

Would it surprise you to know that a tip given to brands seeking to work with online influencers is, “stand out from the crowd“? Brands want to be noticed, too! Take this article from, “How to win over social media influencers“, on how brands can find influencers to work with. The advice given is […]

Leveraging Influencers To Increase Holiday Sales

The place to be this holiday shopping season is with digital influencers- bloggers, reviewers, Facebook fanciers, Pinterest superstars, and beyond! It’s predicted that $100 million in sales revenue this year will come from influencer marketing. Last year, Deloitte’s annual survey about how consumers engage with digital when shopping stated that, “digital interactions were expected to influence 64 cents of every […]

What Bloggers Need to Know About Contracts

by Sara Hawkins Whether it’s from a brand, an agency, or a blogger network, paid work for influencers is more and more common. Along with that paid work, influencers are presented with contracts they’re being asked to sign. For many, though, reading through a contract is a daunting task. As a blogging professional, and business […]

Time Management for Bloggers

by Bonnie Dewkett Running a small business is always challenging. There are never enough resources: time, space, and money in particular. By freeing up time, we can focus on things that are important to the success of the business, such as social media marketing. While social media marketing does not cost anything to use, the […]

SOPA – Update

A few weeks ago we provided a SOPA “cheat sheet” to try and help explain what this bill could potentially mean for life on the Internet. The bill is still alive and on December 15th, it will go to the House of Representatives for debate. Mashable has once again provided an excellent infographic that details […]