Working It Like a Mom Boss with Nicole Feliciano: An O2O Author Interview

We’re always so excited about books that our blogger friends publish but Mom Boss by Nicole Feliciano really caught our attention. Like Nicole, our Founder/CEO, Barbara Jones, is a Mom Boss. Barbara started One2One Network in 2008 when her two children were still very young. Her vision was to bring influencers and brands together to build relationships and create compelling campaigns while also being […]

Picnics, Potlucks and Porch Parties with Aimee Broussard: An O2O Author Interview

Summer is the quintessential outdoor dining season. From picnics to BBQs to pool parties, gathering with friends, neighbors, or family to share a meal is a highlight of the season. So it’s the perfect time to introduce you to a new book by Aimee Broussard- Picnics, Potlucks & Porch Parties: Recipes, Menus, and Ideas for Every Occasion. […]

Parent Hacks with Asha Dornfest: An O2O Author Interview

Asha Dornfest is a mom, writer, speaker, podcaster, and in her words “an insistent optimist”. She lives in Portland, OR with her family- husband, two teens, and a dog. We recently caught up with Asha to ask her our favorite author questions. O2O: What is your book about? AD: Parent Hacks is an illustrated handbook for new […]

Getting Historical with Susan Braun: An O2O Author Interview

We have a different genre of book to share with you today! Up to this point, all the authors we’ve interviewed have written books that were based on their own life experiences from memoir to DIY to life skills. We’re pleased to present our first interview with an author who has written a biography. As a teacher, Susan Braun offered a […]

Healing through Crochet with Kathryn Vercillo: An O2O Author Interview

Blogger and author Kathryn Vercillo has written two amazing books chronicling her journey through depression and how the hands on, repetitive nature of crocheting help pull her out and put her on a path towards healing. In our interview, Kathryn shares some background of how the books came to be plus her experiences with writing […]