California Milk Advisory Board Mom Blogger Trip

Earlier this fall a group of mom bloggers visited 2 family owned California Dairies in Modesto, California as guests of the California Milk Advisory Board.  They learned about nutrition in milk, the health and safety of the herds, life on a dairy farm and what cheeses are best paired with what wines (my personal fave!).

Everyone had a ball and came back with some practical knowledge that they shared on Blissfully Domestic.

From blogger Amy Oztan of Selfish Mom:

“I was impressed with the care the cows received at both farms.  They’re regularly tended to by veterinarians and every effort is made to ensure that they are as comfortable as working animals can be.  We saw firsthand how multiple generations of dairy families work the farms and contribute.  I loved watching the toddlers watching the cows – what an amazing thing to grow up with!”

Tonya Staab of  Create, Celebrate, Explore

photo courtesy Tonya Staab

“There seemed to be a general consensus with the group that the most creamy, mouth watering cheese tasted was won hands down by the Gioia Burratta.  It was drizzled with California extra virgin olive oil, and topped with fleur de sel (sea salt) and cracked pepper.  We also added a little smoked salt over the top.  The flavor and texture was absolutely amazing.”

Christine Mathias of Blissfully Domestic:

  • Great care and thought is given to the food the cows are given.  The farms have personal and ongoing relationships with veterinarians and nutritionists to ensure the cows receive a perfectly balanced diet; this diet changes as the cows needs changes depending upon their age and other life stages.
  • The cows physical comfort is always taken into consideration…an uncomfortable cow is a stressed cow, and that will affect milk production and quality.
  • Cows are NOT given antibiotics prophylactically.  When a cow is ill and antibiotics are necessary for its health, it is removed from the general herd and taken to a different location for the duration of its treatment.  Not until the antibiotics are out of its system and the cow is healthy again is it allowed to return to milking status.

And Ellen Durrer, who owns the family farm, Durrer Dairy Farm.

“From our dining room window, we have a great view of our dairy farm, which has been owned and operated by my husband’s family for 3 generations. My father is a 4thgeneration California dairy farmer, who lives and works on the same farm that he was raised on as a child and where my parents raised me and my siblings. We are Real California dairy families, representing 99% of California dairy farms that are family owned and operated and just like ours, many of these operations have been passed down through the generations.”

We also have an active forum conversation about cooking with milk. Sign up and join the conversation Also keep an eye on your inbox for information on a new Wine and Cheese app, which you’ll likely hear about this week!  Stay tuned!

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