Bringing An Eco-Friendly Flair To Your Home

Seems like everyone is looking for ways to be more “green” these day! It’s a wonderful trend that hopefully is here to stay. A great place to start your eco-friendly transitions is in your home. And by using your own flair and creativity, you can find many ways to reduce, reuse and recycle around the house.

Our members are certainly are riding this green wave and they have great ideas to share!

Nikki of Frugal Green Living is great resource. We were especially thrilled to find this post about composting. It seems that composting goes beyond just fruit and vegetable peels. Did you know you can compost pet hair? Dryer lint? Latex balloons? Go check out her comprehensive list of things from your home and yard that can be composted!

Going from home to school or work often means packing a lunch. These days it’s all the rage to find ways to pack a “litterless” lunch. Gina of MoneywiseMoms breaks it down for us and makes it all look so easy!

In my own home, we’re taking baby steps towards reducing the amount of plastic and paper products that we use. I’ve found that using cloth napkins is not only more eco-friendly, it’s also an innovative way to show off my own unique style. Finding napkins that compliment your decor, celebrate seasons or just even add a splash of color to your table brings a “green” flair to your home.

How do you make your home more eco-friendly using your own joie de vivre?

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  1. I resuse thoses plastic containers for storing my left overs in. they are handy and resusable. this limits the recyling of having to recyle. also reuses paper plates that my family uses to eat just a sandwich off of. they are washable and can be used a second time. then wash and shred it and put it into your soil for planting pot plants.

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