BlissDom Through Our Eyes

BlissDom is a truly unique and gratifying experience for the O2O Team. Since BlissDom started in 2008, we’ve been a devoted sponsor partner. We go there to meet, connect and maybe even ‘hug on’ the attendees a bit – many of which are O2O members.

Each year at BlissDom, we hope to show you the #girlpower side of O2O; our small but mighty team that loves working with women who love blogging and social media.

We hope to show you that we know you are more than the number of page views you get a month or the number of people who follow you on Twitter or the number of subscribers you have on YouTube. We hope to show you that you are valued for simply being you.

This year the BlissChicks took pampering us to an all new level with a fabulous Bliss Suite sponsored by One2One Network, Office Candy, V05, and NYX Cosmetics. … I had my hair and makeup done, got my photo taken, and then headed out to face whatever bliss might come my way! ~Beth Zimmerman

BlissDom is our chance to connect, one to one and face to face, with the women who participate in our projects and campaigns throughout the year. Plus we get to meet so many new people and tell them about the network!

The Alberto VO5/One to One Network suite had the absolute best vibe. VO5 was showcasing its new haircare line and had hairstylists on hand to fix you up, while One to One was offering makeovers and free headshots. The two fit together perfectly and the suite was buzzing with activity each time I went through. It felt like backstage at a Fashion Week runway show. ~Gigi Ross from KludgyMom

We also get to play and party and soak in all that BlissDom has to offer. From dancing at Girl’s Night Out to sitting on a ballroom floor soaking in the comedic brilliance of Ana Gasteyer and Jeremy Sisto during Girl’s Night In.

We posed with Stuart the Minion, drank coffee with Johan, perused the Handmade Marketplace, had margaritas at the Cantina, hung promises on the J&J tree, hung out with Chris Mann, and had our hair done by the VO5 girls.

BlissDom, through our eyes, is more than just another conference or ‘day at the office’. It’s connections and relationships and feeling part of something bigger.

We hope you saw that, too.


The Gals from O2O,
Barbara, Paula, Amber, Maryellen, Krista, & Malia


Thankful for their eyes: SprittiBee, Jana Warnke, Becca LudlumBecky Branch, & Taylor Williams!





  1. LOVED my time with y’all and beyond honored by the quote and link! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for having such a fun place to hang out at Blissdom!

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