Blogalicious #BeGreatB6 Conference Pass #Giveaway


It’s that time of year again! Blogalicious is coming up and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see this amazing conference preparing for it’s 6th year. As is our tradition around here, we have a full conference pass to giveaway to a One2One Network member! (ARV $399)

The theme for this year’s Blogalicious conference is, “Be Great”. As with past conference themes, it’s yours to define. Maybe it means “take great risks” or “produce great content” or “make great connections”. It could also be a jumping off point for thinking over what you can “be great” at or recognizing and owning what you’re already great at doing.

It’s a fitting theme since the this year the conference will be held in the great State of Texas! Blogalicious kicks off on Thursday, November 6th in San Antonio at The Westin Riverwalk hotel. See all the fabulous details on the conference site.

To be entered to win the full conference pass, we want to hear what “Be Great” inspires in you and how you hope attending Blogalicious this year will propel you towards that greatness. Leave a comment that answers both parts of that statement. To eligible to win the pass, you must be a One2One Network member with an updated profile and be displaying an O2O Influencer or Proud Member badge* on your blog’s sidebar. (Need to update your profile or join us? Go for it.)

The mandatory entry to win the conference pass is to leave a comment telling us:

1. What “Be Great” inspires in you.
2. How attending Blogalicious will foster that greatness.

You can also tweet about the giveaway for ONE extra entry. Leave a separate comment with the permalink to your tweet.

Giveaway runs through midnight (ET) Friday, October 3, 2014. Winner will be notified, via email, no later than Friday, October 10, 2014.

We’re eager to see what “Be Great” means to you!


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**No Purchase Necessary. Void Where Prohibited By Law. Entry period will run from Wednesday, September 24, 2014 through midnight (ET), Friday, October 3, 2014. Entries must be received in those time frames to be valid. Contest is open to One2One Network members, 18 years of age or older, and a resident of the United States of America or Canada. Conference pass recipients will be chosen via random draw and notified via email. Winners will have 48 hours to respond to the email accepting their prize. If no response is made within 48 hours, a second winner will be chosen. Winner will be announced once prize acceptance has been confirmed and no later than October 31, 2014. Approximate cash value of the conference pass is $399. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash value. Winners are responsible for any taxes. Offered prize is one (1) Influencer All-Access Pass. Travel and hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the winner. Please see Official Rules for Giveaways.**


  1. What does being great mean to me? I suppose it means being MY best. (not anyone else’s) it means putting my energy into my passions. Finding that sweet balance between work, family and play and making the most of the moments I am given. It means putting my brain to work on projects that help MORE than me and create win-win(win) opportunities that ripple far and wide.
    How will attending Blogalicious help? ANY time we have a chance to grow our network and connect with others we have the opportunity to find our where our skills are needed and can be put to use! As my circle widens, hopefully this allows my ripples to grow greater as well.

  2. After blogging for the past 5 years I’ve reached a point where I’m totally ready to think outside the box, move forward leaps and bounds and advance to a greater place on the web. I believe that the Blogalicious conference could help open my eyes to better opportunities and inspire me to reach my future goals. I know it’s within me, I just need a little push to get me there.

  3. My children are my inspiration to be great daily- I’m reminded that there is no room for negative self-talk and that I am their teacher for these first few years. Being a positive influence on two young minds is pivotal! I would love the opportunity to travel to the conference and be able to enrich myself with others who share the same professional goals! Thank you so much for this opportunity for my little family!

  4. “Be Great” inspires me to do my best every day, for myself, my family, and my community.
    I’ve always wanted to go to Blogalicious to connect with the great people who run and attend it. Hoping this is the year!

  5. Hi There!
    “Be Great” inspires me to wake up everyday with a smile on my face and do what I can to make those around me have a good day! Being great means finishing at least one task a day! That task can be a blogging job or a project around the house. I hope and dream to attend Blogalicious so that I can met other bloggers who inspire others with smiles and laughs!! To me being great is laughing thru the challenges of life. Being great is being our true selves and not about being a Super Hero. I would love to go to Blogalicious because I live in Texas! What a better place to met other bloggers and inspire each other to be GREAT at what we already do! What a wonderful chance for us to shine and be great among fellow bloggers!!

  6. To me, “Be Great” means to lead by example in whatever you do. I strive every day to lead by example for my husband and daughter, and even though it’s not born yet– the child we have on the way (16 weeks today!) Whether this means making good food choices, making the choice to exercise today, making the choice to love and forgive, making the choice to contribute to someone else’s greatness– you name it.

    Attending Blogalicious would give me the opportunity to network and learn from other individuals what their definition of “Be Great” is, and will most likely be an inspiration to me for other ways I can be great myself! Not to mention– it will make my family miss me and all I do for them that much more. 😉

  7. “Be Great” inspires me to keep improving because we can almost always be and do better. It means not settling for “good” but going for “great”.

    Attending Blogalicious would foster that greatness because it would allow me to learn new things that would make me and my blog better. Plus, it would allow me to build new relationships that would make us great together.

  8. “Be Great” inspires me to reach for my personal best. Not to compare myself to the people around me, but to honor my journey and celebrate my wins and learn the lessons that are intended for me.
    Attending Blogalicious will foster this greatness because “teamwork makes the dream work”! I jump at any opportunity to surround myself with people who are driven and chasing their dreams.

  9. To “be great” is to use your abilities from within to the best you. In order to “be great” this inspires me to do the best I can with what I have. I am constantly trying to gain knowledge within my primary field of practice which is pharmacy. This inspires me to keep going and no be complacent no matter what others are doing around me. Attending Blogalicious with help me foster greatness by being able to effectively express the other side of me, blogging, as effectively as I can express to my patients in the pharmacy about medications. Everything is bigger and better in Texas and there will be no better place to propel myself towards bigger and better than at Blogalicious.

  10. “Be great” is a challenge–if you aren’t working at the idea of being great, then you can never achieve it. But being great isn’t the idea of comparing yourself to someone else. It is the idea that you have specific talents and skills to bring to the table, and I know that I am being great when those talents and skills are put to use to complete a task or a project.

    Attending Blogalicious can foster the greatness I already bring to the table by helping me hone one of the skills that is necessary in this type of profession, but one that I really still need to work on–networking. Working from home and living in an area where it can be difficult to connect with other great talent doesn’t provide a lot of opportunities for networking, and I just need to that chance to elevate this skill further so I can be great at what I do.

  11. Being great to me means being my best at everything. Failing is ok, but as long as im am strong and never give up that is my being great.
    Attending the conference would foster that because I would love the help to learn how to take my blog and social media to the next level and make it great.

  12. Karen Nelson says:

    To “be great” is to use your natural abilities to help others and working on improving yourself. I would love to learn how to take my blogging skills to the next level with Blogalicious and make the content I write more beneficial to readers.

  13. Karen Nelson says:
  14. Be great means giving everything your very best shot – no half-assing allowed. For me, getting to Blogalicious would give me some more opportunities to really bring it with my 12 year old blog. This old bloggin’ dog’s still got some new tricks to learn, and I’m totally committed to learning em so I can be as great as possible!

  15. Truly being great is about inspiring others to greatness. I would have never achieved the many things I have without others to inspire me. I would love to go to Blogalicious so that I could meet new people to inspire me and maybe inspire a few others!

  16. Be great inspires me to stop playing small both with my blog and my coaching career… it inspires me to move forward with my writing projects and my speaking project. Attending blogalicious would definitely help me because the agenda looks jam packed with sessions to help me go to the next level with my blogging and my career.

  17. Being great for me means that I’m putting my best foot forward in all area’s of my life. I don’t do anything half-assed but rather if it’s something that means a lot to me I am giving it my best effort. From relationship with self to my family and friends, or work. I am giving it my best effort and if I can’t then I’m acknowledging that as well and asking for help where I need it. Being great is not being perfect but being the best me that I can be at each moment of my life.

    • Part of “being great” is constantly learning and going to the blogalicious conference will assist me with that learning. I am a new blogger so putting myself in positions where I am able to gain knowledge is key. I learn from other bloggers the most and this conference will allow me to do that.

  18. “Be Great” to me means striving to be the best version of yourself that you can possible be AND encouraging others around you to do the same. When we lift up and encourage others we are inspiring the world to be better. When we work together we are greater.. “Be Great” is about being great together. I would love to come and be great with everyone at Blogalicious

  19. I tweeted!

    I was able to meet some of the awesome ladies attending this conference last weekend and I would love to connect with them and all the wonderful attendees this year!

  20. I am constantly working to be as great as possible – especially when it comes to the connections I foster through blogging. This is one of the conferences I have always wanted to attend and I know if I could I would foster that greatness beyond words!

  21. What “BE GREAT” means to me!?!? It means to be ME & be happy with me and whatever I do in life…You see, I live for my kids now that they exist: I decided to bring them to be (with the help of God & their dad, of course) so it is my responsibility to make sure their life is as pleasant as possible and they have a smile on their face when they call me MOM. For me to “be great” doesn’t require a trophy or award or even anyone to tell me: it requires that inner peace, knowing I have done my best, that I will never quit, I will stand up for what is right for everyone & do right by everyone, that my kids are cared for properly, & that when I lay my head down to sleep I have no regrets because I know I have done my best and I will continue to “BE GREAT”.
    You seeing being great means finding what works for you and being great at it: in order to do this I remind myself of some morals I live by & raise my kids by…
    ~Karma will find you so remember, what goes around, comes around.
    ~ Only YOU control your actions!
    ~Mistakes are OK (1) time as long as you learn from it!
    ~Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing will ever get better, no it will not (Dr Seuss)

    So know you ask how will attending Blogalicious foster that greatness: by giving me knowledge and skills to improve myself and the path I am currently on in life & by allowing me to meet new people and hopefully make a difference in their lives too, if only by giving them a friendly smile or Hello that someone else didn’t…

    Hope to see you there: Remember you are always Great & don’t let anyone tell convince you otherwise…let your Haters be your motivators!!!

  22. This sounds like an awesome event! What #BeGreat means to me is not to just be a mother but to be a great mother, not just a wife but a great wife and not just a blogger but a great blogger! I have been blogging almost a year and I am happy with how far I have gotten because I have worked hard for it. Being Great inspires me to write about anything and as a mother of six it really isn’t that hard to find something to write about. I am always trying new recipes and doing arts and crafts with the kids. Attending the Blogalicious event will help me in a more professional way. Right now I am just going on what I have taught myself in the blogging world. I think meeting other local bloggers will also help me out. I can keep in contact with them and share tips and blogging advice. I have never met any other bloggers from Texas like me and it would be great to get a mini vacation from the kids for the 2 days!

    Thank you for the Opportunity.

  24. To me, “Be Great” means that I need to always try my very hardest to achieve my goals. With blogging in particular, I have such high aspirations but some days it can be harder than others to put the effort in to make my blog the best it can be. I make it happen though – and I’m so proud of how far I’ve come in just about a year. Attending Blogalicious will help me foster that greatness because it will allow me to continue learning how to be my greatest when it comes to my blogging career. I want to make new relationships with both brands and other bloggers to continue growing my blog and learning how to do that in the best ways possible.

  25. What “Be Great” inspires in me? Great question! As a mother and a wife being great is something we want for our spouse and our children, but when it comes to us we sometimes we let our dreams and visions play back field. We build them up and let them know anything is possible. However when do we get the push and the confirmation we need? When I think of me being great I think of me knocking things off my bucket list, going further in the world of writing, branding my company and being an awesome mother, wife, and business woman at the same time.

    How attending Blogalicious will foster that greatness? I’m sure the information I will receive from the panel and brands that weekend will educate me as well as uplift me. Being around other like minded women will encourage me. And just being at a conference of that magnitude will remind me that I’ve made it to a certain level in my career path.