Beat the Summer Heat With Free Bowling!

Bowling with my Dad. I'm about five years old in this picture.

Bowling has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. I bowled with my Dad as a kid, there were youth group outings to bowling centers, the student center at my college had a bowling alley (great for taking a break from studying!) and as a parent, I’ve had the opportunity to share this fun, family activity with my children. Bowling is one of those activities that can be enjoyed when you’re alone or in a big group and you don’t have to be a good player to have fun.

Summer is here and in many places it’s already really hot outside. Lounging by the pool or lake or on the beach is fun but sometimes, you just need to be inside where it’s cool. And if you have kids who are out of school, you also have that perennial challenge of finding activities to ease the “There’s nothing to do!” blues. This summer, go bowling! And there are no excuses because it’s FREE*.

AMF Bowling Centers around the country have launched Summer Unplugged, a program that allows kids 16 and under to bowl two free games everyday from May 30 to September 5, 2011. You simply sign-up on their website and each week you will be emailed a pass for free* bowling. Adults can get in on the fun, as well, for a drastically reduced rate. Just $27.95 buys four adults (17+) a summer’s worth of games so that you can show off your fancy footwork and artistic stylings. That is an amazing deal!

We’d love to hear about your experiences with AMF Summer Unplugged! Let us know in the comments! Did your kids beat the socks off of you? Where they “bowled over” by your mad skills? We just know you’re going to have fun!

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*Shoe rental not included.

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