Back to school starts in the kitchen….

With 3 older kids I have had my share of First Day Back to School!   If you include preschool it’s over 50 when you add up all 3 kids.  Hard to imagine, right?  However back to school still starts the same way it did when I sent my first to school years and years ago…in the kitchen!

These bloggers know how to get the day started!  Kim at Crafty Mama of 4 shows us a fridge organizer diy to keep each of your kids school ready.  I love crafts that you can get the kids involved with and really show off their individuality!

Think you’d like apple pie for breakfast?  Jessica at Life as Mom has a cool tradition of making a slab apple pie on the first day at school.  Watch this cute video of her making the slab for breakfast!

Always looking for something different to start their day off right?  Simplebites has 8 different school morning suggestions.  The photography is fabulous!  Makes you think you are ready to take a bite!

How about you?  Has school started?  What’s your kids’ favorite morning breakfast?

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