SEO Tips that Keep Organic Traffic on Your Site

by Amanda McMahon We all know the buzz words and the importance of SEO, but did you know SEO can help keep traffic on your site as well? If someone clicked on your site, they want information! If you can give them what they need, you may just find yourself with a new follower. Okay, […]

Hey Friend, Do Some Yoga

By Libby Blumberg It is so easy for a woman to neglect herself. After all, she often is in charge of keeping others alive and well and juggling several tasks at once. But as the saying goes, ‘If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy!’ One of the many ways to cultivate some happiness is to do yoga. […]

6 Things Thriving Bloggers Do Everyday

by Danielle Wells So you want to be a successful blogger. You’ve built your site. You have your blog in order. You’ve written lots of posts. You’ve grown a bit of a following. You’re active on social media. Well keeping reading! Below you will find 6 things that thriving bloggers do each day! “Thriving” means […]

What Bloggers Need to Know About Contracts

by Sara Hawkins Whether it’s from a brand, an agency, or a blogger network, paid work for influencers is more and more common. Along with that paid work, influencers are presented with contracts they’re being asked to sign. For many, though, reading through a contract is a daunting task. As a blogging professional, and business […]

Top Website Traffic Analytics Tools for Bloggers

by Sunny Chanel You can’t judge a book by its cover, but every day our blogs are judged on something that can be just as nebulous – by the numbers. These numbers, the series of digits that quantify your traffic play a significant role in whether a company will want to partner with you. While […]