About Us

One2One Network is made up of women in the U.S. and Canada between ages 18 to 55+ from various backgrounds and in a wide array of life stages; from career and entrepreneur newbies to seasoned corporate veterans, from first-time mommies to mom ‘experts’ and from the simply computer savvy to social media mavens. The common bond between our over 23,000+ members is their love of discovering new products and deals combined with the innate desire to share information!

One2One Network delivers innovative campaigns and by joining only the projects in which our members are interested, they are able to communicate their genuine opinions and feedback in an authentic manner. Our members know better than anyone that their personal credibility from making recommendations to friends and family is paramount to being considered a trusted social influencer.

Our vision centers around credibility and genuine engagement. For our members, our goal is to deliver opportunities to participate in projects that are interesting, enjoyable and relevant to their lives. We also strive to be a well-respected resource to help educate and empower women and moms in business and in life utilizing the social web.

We’d love to have you join us!