A Conversation with Everymom, Pauline M. Campos – An O2O Author Interview

In the introduction to BabyFat, Pauline Campos writes, “I woke up at 4 a.m. with a book idea, a Twitter handle (it’s @Pauline_Campos, y’all!), a blog concept, and the crazy idea to let the world follow along as I went on a yearlong treasure hunt for the old me.” If you’ve ever tried (and failed) to get back on the weight loss train and get fit, you know the determination and courage this must have taken! Fortunately for us, the result was a funny, real, and relatable look into what it takes to find the mom behind the muffin top. We’re so delighted for the opportunity to ask Pauline a few questions about her book, the writing process, and what she learned along the way.

BabyFatAbout BabyFat

This is the book that wrote itself in Pauline M. Campos’ head when she realized that her baby had become a toddler and the expiration date on her socially acceptable baby weight had worn out. The Latina Magazine #Dimelo advice columnist and Aspiring Mama blogger gave herself a one-year-or-bust deadline, then embarked on the search to find the mama lost in the muffin top with the requisite weight loss plans, attempted (and failed) exercise programs, and a singular focus on the scale and not wanting to toss it out the window.

BabyFat is more than Pauline’s story. It’s the story for every woman who finds fault with her body after motherhood, and for every woman who needs a snarky, honest, and relatable reminder that the secret to happiness and self-acceptance has little to do with whether the scale is tipping the right way and everything to with how she sees herself.

Pauline CamposO2O: What was your inspiration for writing this book?

PC: My kid. I am a life-long recovering bulimic and a giant mind-mess. Thing is, the game changed when I became a mom. It’s not just about me. I wrote BabyFat to help myself come to a place of self-love and acceptance and to be able to celebrate where I am right right now. It’s a process…but writing the book did help.

Now, my focus is to bring BabyFat to a larger audience and help other mothers (and women in general) come to that same place where they can learn to love themselves a little bit more.

Read a sample chapter from BabyFat!

O2O: What was the hardest thing you had to learn to accept about yourself?

PC: Well, damn. *blinks* I guess it’s that for women like me, with eating disordered backgrounds and the mental mess that comes with it, that I’m never going to be *done* accepting myself. Every day, I wake up and have to remind myself that I still love me and who I am today because yesterday already happened.

O2O: What sorts of things do you do differently now than you did when you first set-out to lose the pregnancy weight?

PC: I listen to The Husband more when he says that he just wants me to feel good about myself and be happy. My daughter is older now than when I started writing BabyFat, so I am very conscious about what she is taking in. I’m more forgiving of myself. I am nicer to myself. That last one…it matters.

O2O: What surprised you most about the writing process?

PC: That the worst thing a writer can do to their own writing is overthink the entire process. My best comes from the times I pull back my own thought-process and just let the words flow. Oftentimes, except for the obvious need for spell-check and some word play here and there, it’s ready to go as is. There is so much in BabyFat that would not have made the final cut if I hadn’t learned to stop self-editing as I wrote.

O2O: What were your writing habits?

PC: I wrote BabyFat every night after my kid and husband were in bed, for three hours every night. Yeah, lack of sleep was A Thing for a year, but it became my norm and was necessary for my process. I wrote BabyFat in present tense and to me, it’s not an actual memoir and can’t be billed as non-fiction if I’m going back and filling in or adding in forgotten dialogue.

O2O: What was the best advice that another writer gave you about writing?

PC: I’m egotistical so this is all about me up in here. Write First, Think Later. It’s my own quote and the mantra I kept replaying in my head whenever I doubted myself.

O2O: What advice would you give to someone who wants to write a book?

PC: Stop comparing yourself to everyone else right now. There are too many Someone Else’s with bigger followings or more popular blogs or titles already written on the very topic you want to write about. The thing is, it’s your book and your voice and your unique view that make your book *yours*. It’s way too easy to forget that when you’re psyching yourself out of your own game.

O2O: Will you write another book?

PC: Yes!

O2O: Where can we buy BabyFat?


Pauline has generously offered a signed copy of her book to giveaway to an O2O member*! To enter the giveaway, leave a comment telling us something nice you did for yourself recently. One entry per person. Giveaway closes Sunday, January 31, 2016. Winner will be drawn and notified via email on Monday, February 1st.

Congrats to Heather (comment #5) on winning the copy of BabyFat!


More About Pauline

Pauline Campos is Latina Magazine’s #DIMELO love, advice, & relationship columnist. Her print column launched in August 2013 & her weekly online column appears on Pauline is the Aspiringmama with the blog to match, founder of the #Chingonafest community, which proudly presents a weekly twitter chat (Wednesdays, 10 P.M. EST) and the #Chingonafest Fridays feature on!

In her past life, Pauline worked as a newspaper reporter and editor, frequently assigned to police beats and working to make yet another story about the next teen boy to earn the title of Eagle Scout sound like it was as hard to earn as the Eagle Scouts kept telling her it was.

Nowadays, she gets to sometimes pretend she’s a radio personality — which is always nice — and has appeared on NPR’s Latino USA with Maria Hinajosa and Ray Collazo’s Latino Talk podcast. She’s also a photographer, artist, speaker, body image activist, mental health activist, and generally gets stabby when she runs out of reasons to raise hell (which probably explains why she’s trying to raise her daughter to be a Chignona on purpose.)

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  1. Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity to be featured on the O2O Network! It’s an honor and I had a lot of fun with the interview. I’ll sign the winner’s book, too!

  2. Veronica Muller says:

    I recently stood infront of a mirror, looked at my body and told myself that I looked good. Told myself my body looked good. I need to tone up, but I have nothing to be self conscious about because I look good!

  3. I happened to meet Pauline online during one of these very 4 a.m. writing sessions. It was one of the most meaningful nights of my life: I was awake because my teenager was hospitalized and I was “sleeping” on the sofa in the room. Pauline’s humor, passion, and grit were a beacon of light for me, and I am not exaggerating: I still remember crying and laughing with her over several nights as she wrote and we talked writing and backed each other up as only women can in the dead of night when our loved ones (temporarily) are not tugging at our sleeves. i am so excited to see this book take off. Can’t wait to read it.

  4. I colored my hair this week! I feel like 5 years younger!

  5. Heather Brandenburg says:

    Something nice I started doing for myself recently is to start using a daily face moisturizer. Suprisingly enough I had actually not been using one before! Yes I know shame on me! Since using this moisturizer I have noticed great changes & this has given me a better self confidence!

  6. Something I have done for myself recently is to start taking naps again 🙂 It is something that I really enjoy. I don’t get one every day but I do try at least one time a week to get a good nap.