A Cinco de Mayo Feast!

Holidays with specialty food themes are fun to celebrate! And this particular one is a favorite of mine. Mexican or Tex-Mex type food is part our weekly menu rotations; but it’s fun to also mix it up a bit and do a few different things to make May 5th a particularly tasty day.

Let’s start with a refreshing drink, shall we? Margaritas are the quintessential mixed drink for this holiday and this post from Masters in Marketing (of all places) with 12 different margarita variations will surely have something for everyone on this list! The Blackberry Mint margarita sounds especially tasty to me!

Now for an appetizer. Chips and salsa are great but how about some fresh made guacamole! Rachel has a Blissdom inspired recipe and Jo-Lynn’s is simple yet classic.

For the main course, I think this family enchilada recipe that’s been preserved and handed down through the generations sounds particularly yummy. Of course, you’ll have to figure out how to spice it up yourself because according to Manda, that’s a closely guarded family secret!

Or how about some Ceviche Tostadas? That looks like a simple but tasty recipe that adds a seafood flair to your dinner! (Stephanie also includes a Sangria recipe in that post…another great Cinco de Mayo drink!)

I found a delicious side dish quite unexpectedly the other day. My son and I were at Publix, picking up a few items and they had samples of their featured Apron’s meal available. It was a chicken fajita with Mexican Grilled Corn. Both were delicious but it was the corn that had me grabbing the recipe card so that I could make it myself!

And for dessert, more margaritas? Well, no, but margarita cupcakes would hit the spot! What surprised me the most about this recipe is that Liz says she bakes them in margarita glasses!

Are you planning a themed dinner for tomorrow night? Link your recipe posts in the comments so we can drool some more!

photo from Microsoft ClipArt Online

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