6 Things Thriving Bloggers Do Everyday

by Danielle Wells

6 things thriving bloggers do every daySo you want to be a successful blogger. You’ve built your site. You have your blog in order. You’ve written lots of posts. You’ve grown a bit of a following. You’re active on social media. Well keeping reading! Below you will find 6 things that thriving bloggers do each day!

“Thriving” means different things to different people. For this blog post it means successful, possibly monetizing and growing! If you want to grow your readership, email subscription list, income and blogger friends, these tips are sure-fire ways to make it happen!

1. Publish each day of the week.

Forget the weekends! That’s your time to chill, be with your family and recuperate from a busy week! For each day of the week, though, you should be publishing! Wow! Did I really say that? EACH DAY?

I think that if you’re going to grow and/or continue growing, you’ll have to be consistent! Maybe you can’t realistically do every day of the week. Shoot for 4 days then!

The point is to be consistent! You have followers who enjoy reading what you write! But if you don’t post on a regular basis, they could lose interest. They could forget your schedule if you’re only posting once or twice in a week.

Publishing each day doesn’t have to be hard!!! On my blog, I post 3 new pieces of content a week! And the other 2 days are a series. Here’s what my schedule looks like:

  1. Monday – new content – maybe a parenting post
  2. Tuesday – new content – maybe a marriage post
  3. Wednesday – new content – maybe a sponsored post.
  4. Thursday – Roll Out The Red Carpet {for great blog posts} Series – this is essentially a roundup post of all of the fabulous blog post I’ve been reading during the week! This is my way to “give back” or “pay it forward”.
  5. Friday – Weekend Wind-Down Link Party – this is set up weeks in advance so I do practically nothing for this post!

You can easily come up with a similar schedule to keep you on track!

2. Reciprocate!

If you’re NOT involved in blogger reciprocation groups on Facebook, YOU’RE MISSING OUT! When I began consistently participating in these groups, my traffic doubled!

I participate in 9-12 threads for social media promotion daily. I can do more or less whenever I want. It’s all dependent on the amount of time I have that week.

And it does take time! It probably takes me about 2-4 hours daily of just reciprocating others work. But it’s truly worth it because I get back so much in return= double the page views!

This is also great for blog networking because you get to know lots of other bloggers! You could even make some friends!

I use the following FB blogging groups:

3. Look for work

You’re a blogger. And bloggers can make a significant amount of monthly income. You just have to seek it out! Rarely do companies come straight to you unless you’re a HUGE blog with lots of influence!

I encourage you to do this daily or at least weekly! Apply for those sponsored posts! And if you get rejected, keep applying! Some of those sponsored posts are worth $200-$300 per post! You could make some serious money if you just applied! How do you find out about sponsored post opportunities? Join blogger networks like One2One Network!

4. Party!

Do you participate in link parties? If you’re not, you’re missing out! It’s a way to link up your own blog posts. You can also find some great blog articles and friendly blogger friends too!

There’s 4 reasons I choose to party:

  1. Blog exposure – new people will visit your blog as a result of seeing your blog post linked up.
  2. New relationships – you’ll find new blogs and bloggers to visit.
  3. Creative inspiration – I ALWAYS get inspired to write about new things when I participate in link parties.
  4. Education – I learn new things too!

It may not be feasible to party each day, but that’s okay! Strive to link up your posts a couple times a week!

5. Respond!

You’ll be a bad blogger if you never respond to comments. So set aside a time each day or week to respond to those comments you get on social media, your blog and your email.

I know it’s not the most glamorous activity, but your readers will visit your site longer and be more dedicated to reading your stuff it you do!

6. Be kind.

Blogging can be selfish work. We are constantly talking about our blog, promoting our blog, link up our blog, trying to get our blogs “out there.” Sometimes you just forget to be kind.

There are so many new bloggers out there {and old bloggers alike} that could use encouragement! Be a kind blogger and share their work! Give them some good advice. Be willing to help if you have the time.

Do you think that selfish people are truly the ones who are the most successful?

It takes effort, but it’s worth it! Whatever “kind” means to you, in whatever form, do it! It makes you feel good too! šŸ™‚


danielle wellsOne2One Network member Danielle is a homemaker who lives in Florida. She keeps house by day and blogs by night! Besides enjoying SEO and social media interaction, she loves to play the piano, cook for her family & read a good mystery novel! On Sundays you’ll find her sharpening up her relationship with God in church and teaching little ones about the Bible. Her blog topics include: parenting, the marriage relationship, blogging, spiritual ponderings, home organization & food!

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  1. Thank you for the FB group links!

  2. Thank you for the great tips! I always appreciate hearing more about how I can grow my blog.

  3. Thank you so much for this post! I am always looking for ways to increase traffic, and get more visitors to my blog. I have only been blogging for a few months, but I like to do my research in order to become successful in the future.

  4. Amazing post!!! I’m trying to do post every week instead of trying to do anything on the weekend and its a lot easier for me! I would love to come up with a series that I can set up a couple of weeks in advance that’s a great idea!!! These are great tips I try to incorporate most of them but I know I can do even more!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

    Jasmine šŸ™‚

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