5 Tips to Make Over Old Blog Posts and Boost Your Traffic

by Jennifer Sikora

I don’t know how long you have been blogging, but I have been around since 2007. Back in the day, before we had Pinterest and Instagram, many of us wrote some wonderful content on our blogs. We didn’t worry about things like pretty images, SEO, or traffic for that matter. We simply – just wrote.

Now, in this day, each blog post has certain criteria that we need to go through in order to make sure that it draws in traffic from all the social media sites. But what about those amazing and well written posts from back in the day? How can you get them back out into the Internet world for all the world to see?


Boost Traffic by Making Over Old Blog Posts


I have 5 tips to help you take those old blog posts that are full of wisdom and content, and boost the traffic on those. There’s some really good content in there, but only a few people are managing to find that content via search.

How do I decide which posts I need to update? 

For me, I use Google Analytics. It helps me to choose the posts that are getting a small amount of traffic, but offers great content. Those are the posts that I choose. Once I have a list of posts I want to update, here are the steps I take to hopefully help boost the traffic on them.

1) Check for SEO

One of the first things I always do is go back through the post and add in SEO and keywords. I do a lot with food, so whatever my title of my recipe is, I always make sure to bold face those words in the first 50 words somewhere in the post. Taking 5 to 10 minutes to thoughtfully select keywords and plant them in your post can really reap you long-tail rewards.

2) Reshoot the Image if possible

If your pictures in your old blog posts are not that good, why not try and reshoot the image? For example, I had a Zuchinni Bread post that was getting a litte bit of traffic (I used Google Analytics to find out for sure). However, the picture was dark and very ugly, so the next time I made it, I created a new image for it.




Then I added a little wording on it to make it very easy on the eyes and pinnable and now, it has been pinned over 500 times, where before, it hadn’t even been seen on Pinterest but once or twice. Just changing the image boosted the traffic.

3) Check the copy of your post to see if it needs a little touch up

Take a critical look at your old post and see if there’s anything else you can do to improve the writing style. If it seems too wordy, try removing some of the words. If the paragraphs are extremely large, try breaking them up.

4) Create Round Up Posts

Once you determine a post is bringing in traffic, try making a brand-new post of related content (for example, my zuchinni bread recipe might be part of another new post called “15 Easy Sweet Bread Recipes.”)

5) Reshare on ALL Social Media Channels

Once you have gotten all the updates made to your post, reshare it on all your social media channels. You might even consider installing some plugins on your blog that will help share older content. One of my favorites is Tweet Old Post. You can set it up to tweet out old posts bringing traffic back to that older content.

Now that you have a few tips to help you get started, it’s time to go choose a few posts to update. Spend about 30 minutes a day tweaking old content and I can promise you, your traffic will increase.


Jen's Profile PicJennifer Sikora is a lifestyle, food and travel blogger living in western Kentucky. You can always find her in the kitchen creating recipes or flying around the US on another exciting travel adventure. She loves coffee more than she loves her sleep and she is a die hard television and movie junkie. She blogs at You can also find her on twitter @jennifer_sikora or on facebook at @jenandherfinelife.

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