4 Ways to Use Sprout Social to Grow Your Blog Community

by Angie Nelson

kaboompics.com_Elegant black notebook with mobile phoneEvery blogger gets to the point where they need help to continue growing. We have a lot to do, after all! Some bloggers outsource from the get-go, others prefer to incorporate useful tools that can help provide results while saving time (and your sanity).

Sprout Social recently came on my radar as I searched for a way to manage, track and grow my Facebook Page through all of the recent changes. It has proven to be even more effective than I initially hoped. Here are four of my favorite reasons for choosing it.

Be the Resource Your Followers Need

There was a time, not so long ago, that we used social network platforms simply to broadcast our own work. And that’s it for many! That no longer works. In order to be considered an expert and an influencer in your niche, you need to “curate” the best information out there – yours and that of others.

Sprout Social allows you to save great content for later scheduling as you come upon it. I always try to keep a full queue of my best posts, great posts from my blog tribe, conversation starters and cool resources from around the web. I can then just push items into my scheduling queue every morning or every two or three days to remain consistent in my posting.

Sprout Social Draft Queue

The Importance of an Editorial Calendar

Ah. The elusive editorial calendar. We hear about this so much as bloggers. The fact of the matter is it can mean different things to different people, different blogs and different platforms. On your blog it may mean posting recipes on Tuesday. On your social media profiles, it may simply mean maintaining a balance of your content, other bloggers’ content and things that get people interacting with your page (questions, funny pictures, inspirational quotes, etc.).

Things go awry for everyone when there are too many posts in a row from any one category. With a little help, you can finally get things organized and avoid rushing at the last minute to find *something, anything* to post.

Sprout Social Queue

Never Miss Out on Notifications or Conversations

Sprout Social keeps a to-do list of “Messages” that need your attention. This can be new Twitter Followers, Retweets, Mentions, Facebook and Google+ Comments and Messages. All of these things are listed in one place. You can quickly reply and refollow without having to jump from platform to platform. With the smartphone app, you can do this from anywhere.

Track Your Results

Sprout Social ReportsHow will you know if your efforts are working if you aren’t tracking your progress? Sprout Social has a great reporting system that allows you to quickly see your follower growth, impressions and engagement on all your connected platforms. You can also discover trending topics and see what content is resonating most with your audience so you can do more of that.

Sprout Social isn’t a free tool (it does offer a free trial). However, when compared to hiring someone to manage your social media profiles it is comparably inexpensive. And if posting consistency, lack of time and loss of focus are impacting your blog’s growth, it’s worth the investment.


Angie Nelson - The Work at Home WifeAngie Nelson has been a virtual assistant and serial blogger since 2007 when she took her future into her own hands and found a way to escape the corporate cubicle farm. Today she balances several successful online ventures and still manages to share her passion for home business and blogging with others on her blog The Work at Home Wife. Stop over for more blogging tips and recommended resources.

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