3 Recent Ways Word Of Mouth Got Everyone Talking

Word of mouth is so much a part of our everyday lives that we don’t always stop to think about how we are affected by it. The landscape of social media is covered with word of mouth marketing, some of it organic (when you simply rave about a product or company that you love just because you love it), some of it sponsored (when you share information about a product or brand because you got something in return for it), and some of it orchestrated (when you share that YouTube clip or funny picture that has already become or will soon be “viral”).

Last weekend, my husband asked me if I knew anything about Super 8 and would I like to go see it? My reply was, “I have no idea what it’s about but I know it’s good!” You know how I knew that, right? Word of mouth. I had seen many, many tweets and Facebook status updates in the previous twenty-fours about this new movie from J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg. It turns out, the marketers behind Super 8 pretty much expected that to happen:

Super 8 is expected to bow at between $25-30 million. This is an original, not a sequel, and for a reported $50-million summer movie with no stars, that’s just fine. And for all those who believe that the film cost closer to $95 million, Paramount should be able to skate by with that bow. Why? As their Twitter sneaks attest, the studio is confident that the movie will play once moviegoers start spreading good word-of-mouth, especially in summer when midweek business is strong.

They were right. The buzz around Super 8 has been loud. And yes, if you’re looking for a great summer flick, I highly recommend Super 8! (It’s a well-deserved PG-13, so keep the younger kids at home.)

And speaking of buzz, I think entities like Ripley’s Believe It or Not and circus freak tents were the founding fathers of the Internet hoax. We are easily fooled on the Internet and have seemingly forgotten the old adage of, “if it’s too good (or too weird) to be true, then it’s probably not true (or real)”. And while it’s quite true that people out there do some really bizarre things, when it comes to viral images on the Internet, everything needs to be taken with a healthy does of skepticism, otherwise, we’ll keep getting hoaxes, albeit benign ones, like the Facebook Tattoo Video.

ReelSEO Editor-in-Chief, Jeremy Scott explains why the hoax worked, “Viral hoax videos work best when they are squarely on the line between being incredible and being hard to believe. On the one hand, most viewers were critical of the girl, having a hard time understanding why anyone would get such a silly tattoo–and such a big one, covering the entire arm. On the other hand, the clip is completely believable, because honestly… people tattoo unthinkably weird crap on their bodies every day.

When it comes to word-of-mouth marketing, I like nothing better than seeing people supporting each other in their ventures. It’s my favorite thing about working for One2One Network. The O2O team is incredibly supportive and loyal to relationships fostered over the years. And when our friends succeed, we love to cheer them on and spread the word the best that we can. That why when I saw this article about a fairly new website called HelloGiggles, I just had to grin. Not just because it’s a fun name but because it’s success has largely come from friends supporting each other and spreading the word about it through social media outlets.

Deschanel, Rossi, and McAleer are all big on the social networking scene with plenty of followers but moreover, all three have naturally likeable personalities. At one point or another, the modern young woman has wished she had one of them as her college roommate or coworker in the next cubicle over. As spokeswomen for their own brand, the threesome sold it better than any high-profile advertising or marketing campaign ever could. With only a handful of printed interviews and a giggly when your cursor brushes over it avatar of the trio’s bobbling heads, HelloGiggles created the buzz solely online and kept it going long after the launch of the site.

These examples speak to the fact that word of mouth marketing isn’t just about writing a blog post about a new kind of cookie, as much as we love cookies! When we are touched by something, whether it’s being blown away by great cinematography, beguiled by stranger than fiction or drawn in by really good content, word of mouth is our best and most powerful way sharing a part of ourselves with those around us, on and off the Internet.

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