It's Oscar Time!

The most anticipated awards show of the year is just a few days away! The 83rd annual Academy Awards happens this Sunday, February 27th. Glitz!¬†Glamor! Fashion! Movie Stars! And there’s always much speculation about who will win and what everyone will be wearing.

I took a peek to see what our members are saying about the upcoming awards show:

One favorite activity leading up to Oscar Night is picking winners. We’ve put together four polls about the top four awards: Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor and Best Picture. We’d love to see who our readers pick as favorites in these categories!

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Be sure to check back and see who’s getting the most votes!

Oscar statue picture by FrogStarB on Flickr


  1. I loved Winter’s Bone and True Grit, so I voted that way. I expect Firth and Portman to win though.

  2. Enjoyed The Social Network but loved The Fighter and True Grit.

  3. I feel like the only person in America who really disliked The Social Network.

    And I think James Franco should win Best Actor. He was in that movie all alone and it was amazing.

  4. I loved The King’s Speech and found it entertaining, inspiring and motivating. Colin Firth was amazing, and I very much hope he wins.

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