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Unilever Twitter Chat for a #BrightFuture on Giving Tuesday

That’s the (holiday) spirit! ‘Tis the season of giving, in every sense of the word. We invite you to join us on Tuesday, December 3rd, from 1:30 – 2:30pm ET for the Unilever #BrightFuture Twitter Party. First comes Black Friday, then Cyber Monday, and with Giving Tuesday, the giving and getting is good! Unilever, through its […]

Simple Skincare #AllisonWilliams Twitter Party

Okay, so we might not walk the red carpet or dodge paparazzi every day, but we still want to have A-list skin! Please join us this Thursday, October 10 from 2:30 – 3:30pm ET for a Simple Skincare Twitter Party with Brand Ambassador Allison Williams (day job: co-star of HBO’s Girls). Follow the #AllisonWilliams Live Q&A […]

Simple Skincare #FallBeauty Twitter Party

Sayonara, Summer! Autumn is officially in and brings with it a new crop of makeup must-haves. And hey, just because it’s chillier doesn’t mean your workouts should freeze up! Please join us this Wednesday, September 25 from 8 – 9pm ET for a Simple
 Skincare #FallBeauty Twitter Party. Simple Skincare and Walmart will be having a conversation about how to season and spice up your […]

Sponsored Posts that Rock On the Next #O2OChat

Our monthly #O2OChat Hangout is scheduled for Tuesday, September 17th at 1:00Pm ET. The Hangout will be broadcast on air and we invite you to come by and watch, make comments, and ask questions! In June, we covered How to Write a Fabulous Review and this month we’re going to take a look at How […]

#SimpleInspiration: Pin To Win For Your Skin!

Here at O2O, we love the curated clip galleries of Pinterest and could spend an entire day browsing the pretty and practical ideas that catch our eyes. And lucky us—Simple®, one of our favorite skincare lines, has officially jumped on the Pinterest brand wagon and launched its own page! To celebrate, they want to give you a […]

Tips for Using Photos in Blog Posts

There are hundreds of articles, blog posts, and YouTube tutorials out there than can teach you how to take great photos. It’s even a topic that is often covered at blogging conferences. But what should you do with your photos once you have them? What are the best practices for using photos on your blog? […]

Blogalicious #Giveaway

We’re thrilled to once again be a Media Partner for the truly fabulous Blogalicious Weekend! This is Blogalicious’ fifth year and it’s going to be incredible. For starters, the theme for the conference is Create. Build. Fund. We’ve been watching all of the game-changing content that you’ve been creating, brands that you’ve been building and […]

Tips for Using Photos in Blog Posts on the Next #O2OChat

A few years ago, it was rare for bloggers for include photos in a blog post unless you were 1) specifically sharing images of your child or pet or vacation, etc.; 2) providing a step by step DIY tutorial. Even recipe posts were image-less “back in the day”! Most blog posts were text only with […]

I'm a Yapper, She's a Yapper, Wouldn't You Like To Be a Yapper Too? #Giveaway

Yappem is an app (and a website) where you can share your brand experiences, good or bad, and be rewarded for it. Are you a diehard PC user? Yap about it! Think your latest pair of jeans make your derrière dance? Yap about it! Tried the latest and greatest widget but just didn’t feel the […]

Yappem Brings the Awesome

Last week in Chicago, we had the privilege of co-hosting an awesome event that was made possible by the awesome folks at Yappem! The event was The Awesome Party co-hosted by our fabulous friends from Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech. Yappem is a social media platform where people can share their experiences — good or bad – about products, brands and […]