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BAM Conference: Reinvention and Relationships

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the first ever Bloggers-At-Midlife Conference hosted by Anne Parris, Sharon Greenthal, Teresa Kindred, and Beth Rosen. While the content and sessions were very good (from beginner to advanced), the attendees and the speakers were what made this conference special. There is just something about […]

4 Ways to Use Sprout Social to Grow Your Blog Community

by Angie Nelson Every blogger gets to the point where they need help to continue growing. We have a lot to do, after all! Some bloggers outsource from the get-go, others prefer to incorporate useful tools that can help provide results while saving time (and your sanity). Sprout Social recently came on my radar as […]

12 Tips to Creating A Great Media Kit for Your Blog

Media Kits are essential for promoting your blog or personal brand. In this post, we reveal the top 12 things we look for (and that we know brands look for) in a Media Kit. You know how at family gatherings there are relatives that you just know are going to tell the same stories they’ve […]

Cracking the Facebook Code

By Lindsay Ponta Do you have thousands of Facebook fans? More traffic than you can keep up with and sky-high engagement rates? Not so much…? Well, forget about Facebook’s mysterious algorithms. They’ve finally completely done away with any sort of organic reach for us little guys. You’re not going to automatically show up ina anybody’s […]

Want Maximum Work-At-Home Productivity? Try Trello!

By Keianna Rae Harrison for Mompreneur Ink As a work-at-home Mompreneur with two demanding little boys in tow, I need every second of my workday to count. In order to achieve maximum productivity with a schedule that is often as unpredictable as my six-month-old’s mood, it’s important to have a work routine planned down to […]

Cross Post Time Savers for Bloggers

By Enzie Shahmiri As many of you know I am an artist and blogger and both activities fill up my days and keep me pretty busy. As a creative, sharing images in a visually pleasing way is very important and in the past, I had to go from one site to another to post my […]

Client Spotlight: ACH Baking

With the holidays behind us but backyard BBQ weather still many, many weeks away we’re kind of itching for a fun way to get together with friends and beat these winter blahs. Wouldn’t it be absolutely delightful to do a progressive dinner featuring comfort foods? Drawing inspiration from our ACH Become a Better Baker Blogger Ambassadors, here’s […]

Enter The #MyAmiGami DIY Instagram Contest

Looking for a fun indoor winter project to share with your kids? AmiGami allows you to create a one-of-a-kind piece of work and show off your creativity! Each AmiGami figure is special because it is made by YOU! One2One Network is happy to announce the #MyAmiGami Instagram contest. Post a picture on Instagram of your […]

Time Management for Bloggers

by Bonnie Dewkett Running a small business is always challenging. There are never enough resources: time, space, and money in particular. By freeing up time, we can focus on things that are important to the success of the business, such as social media marketing. While social media marketing does not cost anything to use, the […]

5 Tips to Make Over Old Blog Posts and Boost Your Traffic

by Jennifer Sikora I don’t know how long you have been blogging, but I have been around since 2007. Back in the day, before we had Pinterest and Instagram, many of us wrote some wonderful content on our blogs. We didn’t worry about things like pretty images, SEO, or traffic for that matter. We simply […]