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Featured O2O Member: Keri Bassett

Shaking things up this week as our featured influencer is Keri Bassett! She has been married to her guy Chris for over 15 years and they met on a blind date! They have two boys, three cats and a pretty fun life in sunny Florida. Keri is a full-time HR Manager but still manages to find time […]

Getting Crafty with Jamie Dorobek – An O2O Author Interview

Getting crafty is what Jamie Dorobek does best so it was no surprise to find out that she wrote a book featuring some of her best projects. What was surprising is that her book boasts 100 craft projects! One. Hundred. Projects. That’s some serious crafting. But what’s really cool is you probably already have a lot […]

Featured O2O Member: Julie Clark

Training your kids to join the family business is a time honored tradition that has naturally found its way to blogging. We’re seeing more and more blogs that have become a family effort- from parents creating posts with their kids to spouses running the show on the back end. It’s the old family store meets […]

An Author Interview with Alli Worthington on Breaking Busy

One of the most delightful trends we’re seeing in blogging are all the books being published by members of the community who started out “just blogging” for the personal satisfaction of sharing their story with others. It has been thrilling for us to watch so many of our friends become published authors over the last few […]

Featured O2O Member: Jennifer Meyering

Join us in getting to know featured O2O influencer, Jennifer Meyering! Jennifer is a wife, mom, blogger, fantastic food photographer, and fitness coach. On her site, JenniferMeyering.com, she blogs about tasty recipes (like these amazing Apple Cider Caramel Cookies!), fitness tips, DIY projects, and life as a doctor’s wife. Favorite part of being an O2O […]

Featured O2O Member: Angela Roberts

For Thanksgiving week, the featured O2O influencer is our sweet friend Angela Roberts! Passionate about all things food, decor, and Nashville. She’s the publisher of Spinach Tiger since 2008, a food and lifestyle blog, featuring exciting recipes, restaurants and decor in a real way for real people. Angela’s food is approachable, healthy, hearty and centers […]

Tips for Responding Better to Stress – Part Two

by Heather Kiser This is part two of a three part series on stress. Read part one here. In part one we discussed stress and how to identify it. Your homework was to look for and identify stressors in your life. How many did you find? Work Marital Issues Children Financial Struggles Busy home-life Elder […]

Featured O2O Member: Paige Allison

Our featured O2O influencer this week is the fabulous Paige Allison! Paige is a yoga junkie, top-knot connoisseur and heath nut who doesn’t shy away from a good IPA and a cheeseburger! She’s mom to Henry and little boy #2, Otto, who is due to make his appearance next month. Paige writes at An Uncomplicated Life […]

Featured O2O Member: Angela Peters

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Angela Peters of Hairspray and Highheels, our featured influencer this week! Ange is just a girl, passionate about fashion and beauty, pushing the trends and challenging the norm, with a chic sense of personal style and an affinity for a great deal! She has a tendency to hoard nail […]

Give Someone a brightFuture: #ShareAMeal Twitter Party

Stuff your holidays with small acts of kindness, goodwill, and good cheer. One2One Network and Unilever’s brightFuture are hosting a #ShareAMeal Twitter Party and we’d love to have you there! Join us on Thursday, November 12 from 9-10pm EST. We’ll be talking about the little things you can do to support your local community, volunteer your time, and help families in need. Turn the […]